Ways to Give

“For it is in giving that we receive” -- St. Francis of Assisi

At Our Lady of the Lake, we strive every day to be a spiritual and healing presence for our patients. But we know that we are here because of the continued support of our community, and donors like you. When you give, you join us in our ministry of healing. There are many ways to give of your time, talent and financial resources.

Giving to Our Lady of the Lake Foundation can make an incredible impact. From high-tech equipment, to research and beyond, your financial gift can bring healing and comfort to our patients.

Volunteering can be an incredibly rewarding experience. Studies have shown patients have better outcomes in the presence of caring volunteers. We offer many different areas that can match your interest.

Even with modern medicine, there’s no substitute for human blood. Giving blood or platelets at Our Lady of the Lake Blood Donor Center, you are truly giving the gift of life.

Organ and tissue donation is an incredible gift to our patients. When faced with this decision, many families find solace in knowing that their loved ones’ legacy lives on.